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Outdoor Advertising

BJ Aims Media can take your brands across all the Cities & towns of India in a very effective, timely & cost effective OUT OF HOME CAMPAIGN through the medium of Unipole Hoardings, Hoardings, Mobile Vans, Airport Advertising, Bus Advertising, Central Medians, Pole Kiosks, Taxi Branding, Elevator Branding etc

Movie Hall Advertising

BJ Aims Media can take your brand/Product in the AD-FILM format and can have the same screened across the Multiplexes & Single Screen theaters all over India.

Social Media Advertising

BJ Aims Media can undertake the total SOCIAL MEDIA Advertising & promotion of Brands & products through Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter & other Social Media. We can integrate all the mediums so that the same message goes through all the mediums. We are specialists in handling new-age advertising such as keyword advertsing, SEO advertising and blogger outreach program.

Event Management & Road Shows

BJ Aims Media can very effectively launch your brand in the small towns & Villages of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra & Goa through Road Shows & Event Management. An example is of the Hugely successful 150 towns launch of Reliance Mobile in Andhra Pradesh using Elephants, Camels, Band Troupe, Stilt Walkers etc.

Graam Vani For Rural Advertising

Graam Vani is a 2 way communication platform for advertising of Brands, Services & products in the Rural Markets. Basically a Community Radio is used to have a 2 way communication with the customer or the end user at no cost to the customer or the end user.


BJ Aims Media can embed video in a mail and send the same to customers anywhere in the world. Big & Small Businesses can use the same apart from individuals. The Chairmen of Big Corporations can get their message across to their employees in the video format.

Mobile Advertising

BJ Aims Media has a very unique mobile Advertising platform to take your Brands & Products direct to the Mobile Phone. We can take rich media content or Video to mobile phone users across India at very low costs. It could be a product advertisement or a movie trailer video – All can be delivered without any buffering.

Product Promotion

BJ Aims Media can undertake the entire BTL promotion activity of your Brand/Product by placing quality promoters in kiosks, retail outlets. We have done the same for World Space, TATA Sky, Vodafone, TATA Indicom.

Marketing & Consulting

BJ Aims Media can act as a pure consultant and develop the entire out of Home Campaign for the Client

Retail Merchandising

BJ Aims Media can undertake the total retail signage production & implementation both Lit & Non–Lit. BJ Aims Media can also undertake the in–shop branding. BJ Aims Media has successfully done the same for Reliance Mobile, TATA Indicom, Videocon, Hutch and India Cements